Thoughts of you come and go endlessly. Good thoughts, happy thoughts. You are my cheerleader. I can't let you go!!! You are the smooth, sweet topping to my flambe. Your soft voice, so soothing, intoxicates me. There are no words to describe the feeling i have when we are in the same room. When we are together time flies and stands still. You are here then you are gone in an instant. Flash fire with a cool breeze. I see the ocean in your eyes. The sun in your smile. I long for you when I am sad, I long for you when I'm sick; when I'm happy and playful. You are the forbidden fruit in the garden of my life. You give me a bite and I want to devour you. I want to share life's journey with you. Explore beautiful things with you. Share our love of creative things. Each bite of you injects more of your poison, for which there is no antidote.