In the Land of the Stars

Once upon a time in the land of the stars, there lived a princess. The  
princess had been locked away in a cold dungeon. Over time the dungeon  
had become a familiar place, not at all the frightening place it once  
was. One day the princess heard a voice off in the distance. The voice  
was hopeful and calming. The princess wondered how she could reach  
this wonderful voice. The voice then came to her; calmed her fears and  
presented her with the key to the dungeon. The princess was scared,  
scared to leave the place that had become familiar. The voice spoke to  
her softly and often with words of hope and encouragement.  The princess  
kept the key hidden from from her captor and from the rest of the  
kingdom. Often she would take the key from it's hiding place to admire  
it and the possibilities of freedom. The day came when the princess  
took the key from it's hiding place; held it firmly in her hand and  
approached the door. She put the key in the lock and turned it, to  
open the door. Her heart was pounding with fear and excitement. The  
princess heard the voice, it said come, don't be affraid. It is  
beautiful; you are beautiful. The princess stepped out of the dungeon  
only to find that there was another door. She did not have the key to  
this door; the voice then said, don't worry you will find the other  
key. This went on for quite some time. The voice spoke less  
frequently. The last thing the voice said from far off in the distance  
was, I have found the key. The princess never heard the voice again.

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